Festivals of Light

Winter Solstice

The common thread of all of these holidays is 'Celebrating a Miracle'.

The Winter Solstice is either December 21st or 22nd each year. It is the shortest day of the year and the longest night. It is the end of the yearly calendar. Winter solstice gatherings or festival are non-commercial, humble and reverent affairs. This is the 'last' festival before spring. It is in celebration of being prepared for the 'long winter' (from January to April) and giving thanks in advance for surviving. The celebration of the winter solstice is Life itself...the survival of the winter. Spring, summer and fall are all active times of the year. Winter is much more spiritual. It is a time when one looks within and plans their future. We plant the seeds that have sprouted in our thoughts through this time of stillness. These seeds shine light onto our futures. Along with the celebration of life it is also a time of gratitude for what one already has.

Whether celebrating the Winter Solstice, Christmas, Hanukkah, or Kwanzaa, we can all delight in the season as a time to renew family ties, take joy in our natural environment, reflect on the events of the old year, and look forward in anticipation to the new. More than anything we can take this time to give gifts of gratitude from the heart. This offering can spark the gift of Peace throughout the world. What better way to honor all the Festivals of Light.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Festival of Light

Through all there is and all there will be,
Let us open our Hearts for the entire world to see.

We need to know within ourselves...
that spark of Light
is burning bright.

That space inside where Angels delve
is where we try with all our might
to have that spark of Peace ignite.

We need to know the world can see
that Peace is what is meant to be.

So for at least this day
close your eyes and pray
that God will hear our hearts so pure
to send this world a needed cure.

May a festival of lights so bright
eradicate the wrongs in this world...
at least for just one night.
May they shine with Love and Gratitude
to create the world anew.

Let us come together as family...
for this is meant to be...
it's true.

To all of you and your families:

I wish you a wonderful Holiday Season. May it be filled with fond memories, great friends, good health and love. As we go into the New Year and make our resolutions…I pray that God hears them all. May His Light shine upon you and yours to fill your hearts with Love and Joy.

Peace be with you.
Many Hugs,
Dawn Ellen